Hi, I’m Bettina

Florida artist Tina Ayala does not work out of the typical artist studio. Instead, she creates painstakingly meticulous pencil drawings on site. Her location of choice being the Polo fields of Wellington, Florida.

Working with a consistent theme, her art has evolved more specifically in her exploration of different materials. Recently introducing a variety of new media, Ayala explores the relationships of the seminal object/figure versus the surrounding area of light and dark. Her inspiration is drawn from the painting method known as chiaroscuro (light coming out of darkness). Her own approach to this technique serves as a personal homage to the great Italian artist Caravaggio, a personal nod to her hero’s dramatic effects of light, half tones, dark shadows and reflected light that creates a sense of mystery. Ayala’s personal spin on this technique features a “Cubist” series of forms that almost feed of of one another while they seem to leap from the pages of her seemingly two-dimensional surfaces.

Ayala’s work has been exhibited in galleries in Florida, New York and South Carolina as well as in many equestrian publications. Her work is also among many prominent private collections throughout the United States.

Mrs. Ayala currently resides in Wellington, Florida.